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- Thomas Choi
82 - 44 - 8664741

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InT ((Innovation and Technology) is a company that produces varied selections of wireless communication components .
Our company production is that TE, TEM mode dielctric resonator and GPS ceramic antenna , GPS Antenna module , RF filter , high voltage and high frequency capacitors.
We will try best to development and best stabile quality of production.
We focus on approaching to you with unique products based on our abundant experiences and techniques in relation to antenna and material ceramics and capacitor technology.
We promise you to became a leading and professional company in the world
- Main products
  • TE Mode Resonator. TEM Mode Resonator. Puck Resonator for Base Station.
  • RF Filter(BPF, Duplexer). GPS Patch Antenna. DMB Patch Antenna.
  • DAB Patch Antenna. GPS Active Antenna. Smart Antenna. Helical Antenna.
- History


  • 2006. 02

    Fundation of InT CO,. Ltd.

    Product of Dielectric Resonator TE , TEM mode

    Product for GPS antenna and ceramic elcetronics parts.

  • 2009. 09

    Fundation of GsP Tech

    Provied HF capacitor and special type capacitors.

  • 2011. 09

    The new company InT found merge two company

    Production item that DRO(dielctric resonator ), GPS ceramic antenna

    GPS antenna module, Special type capacitors.

  • 2011. 12

    Acquired of a Venture business .

    We accredited of ISO 9001 .


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New Products

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Special Type Capacitor (High Voltage & Frequency Ceramic Capacitor)

High Voltage & RF Power Capacitor

DRO Te/Tem mode

Active Antenna Model 10x10

ITP1575MQ4S- 9X9